Season 4 episode 1

February 19, 2019

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This week on The Flippin' Flippers

-The return of Coe

-A whole slew of King's Things topics provided by Producer/field reporter Doug King

-Ryan stinky Adams

-Online sales tactics

-#thatpedalthing featuring

--- The Whitey Tighty from JHS

--- The Solidgold FX Counter Current

AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


3.00 New Season New Coe-host

February 12, 2019

Coe used to fill out this part


2.60 Post NAMM, Post Pancakes

February 5, 2019

On this week's episode Paul and reminisce about the previous week's exploits at the venerable NAMM show. Tune in as they discuss riveting topics such as. . . 

- Their hands on experience with the new Ibanez Artcore guitars

- What pedal caught their eye

- Their personal picks for best in show


- A sweet round of King's Things

and so much more!!!

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Pancake Breakfast!

January 29, 2019

Hey! This week's episode is very different, we were able to get a live recording from the charity pancake breakfast we held during the NAMM weekend. We hit on a few NAMM topics, do a special Stack #thatpedalthing and do the onsite raffles. Hope you enjoy, next week we will be back to our regular programming in the mean time check out the online portion of the raffle benefiting by clicking the link here


2.57 We are Pumped for NAMM

January 15, 2019

This week Paul and Coe can hardly contain themselves as the countdown to NAMM grows to an end. Hear them discuss riveting topics such as. . . 

-King's Things(topics suggested by listener Doug King)

-Drool worthy pics on instagram

-Any flips this week?

- #thatpedalthing featuring

--- the Fuzz War from Death by Audio


--- the Keeley Verb-o-Trem



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2.56 It’s Another Episode!

January 8, 2019

Join Paul and Coe this week as they talk about. . . 

-the new Gibson SGs, no really

-project Titan

-sold stuff

-BAD Christmas gifts

- special What Would You Grab suggested by Brian Gower of the Tone Jerks podcast

- #thatpedalthing featuring

The Keeley Fuzz Head 


The CopperSound Broadway



2.55 Well its up

January 1, 2019

Coe puts stuff here


2.54 the Wives-a-sode

December 24, 2018

Enjoy your Christmas with some light questions with our wives. nothing too serious or worrisome here. 

Catch you in the New Year!


2.53 and we

December 18, 2018

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Join the guys this week as they tackle topics exactly like

-soldering in new knobs and such

-the many virtues of and a fun new twist on what would you grab

-old guitar forums

- #thatpedalthing featuring

the Nocturne Brain Shrunken Brain

and the Mr Black Supermoon


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2.52 So many thoughts

December 11, 2018

Join Paul & Coe this week on a magical journey of mind theatre as they describe so many things!

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This week the fellas from the coasts talk about

-So many what's new with you things

-Coe sold some things

-Paul sold some things

-They debunk a Tone Jerks bit

-Mr Black Friday

-What Would You Grab

- and #thatpedalthing featuring

--- The Pelican Noise Works Half Horse

--- The Deep Space Devices Red Ghost